Amazon Cloud Storage Gives Up Fight Against Google Drive

The international company informed its users last Friday about the termination of the Amazon Drive functionality.

A closing notice sent in advance via email

On Friday, Amazon informed all of its subscribers of its intention to discontinue the Amazon Drive feature. The official termination date is scheduled for December 31, 2023.

In a press release based on questions from the public, Amazon said:We decided to close Amazon Drive to can focus on Amazon Photos. This will enable customers to enjoy the enhanced photo and video storage services. ยป

At the same time, the company specifies that all media files from Amazon Drive accounts will be automatically saved on Amazon Photos.

Nevertheless, the company advises its customers to download their media files from the Amazon Drive site before the official closure of the latter.

Amazon Drive: active since 2011

For the record, this Amazon Drive service took office about ten years ago. More exactly, launched in March 2011. It consists of a service of personal storage developed by Amazon. A service designed like all clouds to facilitate the storage of multimedia files. The user can then access his files regardless of his location and the type of device on which he connects.

The old sisters of Amazon Drive were Dropbox, Microsoft, Box and so many more.

For Amazon Photos, the company is planning a special offer for Prime members. Prime users will be able to enjoy a free photo hosting. For non-Prime members, they will be able to use up to 5 GB of storage.

Amazon abandons the fight against rival Google Drive

This decision by Amazon announces the end of a long competition with Google Drive. The continuous competition between the two companies in the cloud market had been going on for quite some time. Each on its side was trying to find the means and the improvements to be made in order to attract the maximum number of customers in the world.

Already in 2018, Google tackled Amazon by presenting a new suite of marketing tools deploying Machine Learning. A strategy that seemed to intentionally target Amazon by increasing marketing related to physical sales. This act followed Amazon’s decision to stop obtaining PLA (Product Listing Ads) from Google, around April of the same year. The company hoped to break into digital. Thus, Google was only responding to Amazon’s maneuver.

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