Amazon defrauded of a colossal amount, 25 young people arrested, their crazy method

Amazon: a very permissive e-commerce juggernaut

If Amazon is the leader in online commerce, it is not only thanks to the prices offered and the variety of products marketed. If Amazon reigns in this market, it is thanks to its very efficient service. We can easily admit that Amazon is a really convenient platform.

The online platform site and the application are ergonomic, moreover, the deliveries are fast and rather reliable, the attractive prices, the responsive after-sales service. Prime subscription is beneficial, although it will increase soon. Finally, Amazon is quite accommodating for returns.

Spaniards hijack the system

An order on Amazon can be returned for thirty days and, as long as they do not abuse, the company almost always takes its customers at their word. The 25 Spanish crooks used a clever strategy. On paper, the crooks’ technique seemed unstoppable. First, they created many Amazon accounts, with a variety of payment methods and scheduled deliveries to many pick-up points.

They had created 500 customer accounts and 400 virtual credit cards. Then they took controlr high-end technological products, such as iPhones or gaming PCs. Products that cost expensive and are very popular with consumers around the world. And they took advantage of Amazon’s flexibility saying the product didn’t arrive when they had it.

The young people have started a return process saying the product is faulty. They prepared a box with a completely empty return slip. They were entitled to a refund from Amazon+ for the value of an expensive, new product that will resell easily. A real masterstroke in terms of scams.

€500,000 in damages

This abuse has enabled this small group to reap more than 500,000 euros. With such magnitude, the scam was detected. Amazon’s security service worked with the police and 25 Spaniards aged between 20 and 35 were arrested.

By raiding four houses in Coslada, San Fernando and Hortaleza, all the evidence was collected. This story made a huge buzz on social networks because young people found a big flaw in the functioning of this multinational company.

In a few years, the American company has managed to make itself indispensable to millions of people around the world who order through this intermediary. More generally and following the confinement, the e-commerce and logistics sector has experienced enormous growth.

In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will be sure to tell you about the latest scams out there.

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