Amazon: despite its objective of carbon neutrality, the company is more polluting than ever

Jeff Bezos’ retail giant, Amazon, is in the crosshairs of environmentalists. Indeed, although the company is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, these have increased by almost 20% in one year.

Officially, Amazon is aiming for a zero carbon goal for 2030. In this context, the company is in the process of deploying new vehicles. These are electric cargo bikes, which the company is testing in England. But Amazon’s ambitions remain great, the company innovating in particular in robotics. A drone delivery service is also emerging. Unfortunately, these initiatives are not enough to reduce the carbon emissions generated by Jeff Bezos’ company…

Amazon parcel – Credit: jahcottontail143 via Getty Images

Thus, according to Amazon’s annual report, the company would have seen its carbon emissions increase by 18% last year. It would seem that the multiple confinements got the better of the company’s objectives. Indeed, in the second year of the pandemic, the number of online purchases increased significantly. Amazon therefore had to rapidly increase the number of its storage operations. An autonomous robot has even been set up to optimize the process.

In its calculation, Amazon only includes its own products

Over the whole of 2021, the company’s activities emitted the equivalent of more than 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. For comparison, this represents one and a half times the amount emitted by the US government in 2019. Moreover, this figure seems optimistic. Indeed, if Amazon includes the emissions of its warehouses and its logistics network, the company uses a measurement method of its own…

While other retailers, such as Walmart and Target, track pollution from all the goods they sell, Amazon only counts carbon emissions for its branded products. These represent only 1% of total sales. Third-party vendors, responsible for the remaining 99%, must perform their own independent carbon accounting.

Source: engageget

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