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Amazon Drive will cease its activity while Amazon Photos will continue its activity, announces the company in an email sent around the world, to the customers concerned.

The file storage service – comparable to Dropbox and its cousins ​​– will be stopped from December 31, 2023. Amazon says it wants to focus its efforts on Amazon Photos (and videos). This complete closure will be preceded by two stages:

  • on October 31, Amazon Drive mobile apps will be removed from app stores
  • next January 31, we will no longer be able to send files to our space, those present can still be read and retrieved until the final deadline

Amazon has already taken care of transferring the images already online to the Photos space, which continues to operate. Regarding the files, it is up to the user to retrieve them from Drive.

Born “Amazon Cloud Drive”, this cloud storage service was launched 11 years ago and arrived in France exactly 6 years ago. Initially, Amazon offered unlimited storage but this bounty was repackaged in 2017.

Amazon Drive starts with a free plan of 5 GB for all customers, then paid subscriptions follow. Only photo storage continues to enjoy unlimited usage for Prime customers. For others, you can choose one of the paid subscriptions, they range from 100 GB (20 € annually) to 30 TB (3000 € annually).

The full FAQ about this closure is available here.

Amazon justifies the

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