Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review: a compromised tablet

It is undoubtedly its screen that penalizes the Fire 7 the most. Amazon equips its tablet with a 7-inch LCD panel displaying 1024 x 600 pixels, or a resolution of 171 dpi. The display lacks finesse, even though the device is not intended for uses requiring great precision. And if it is necessary to continue on the path of defects, the panel sins above all by its very high reflectance (100%), which its brightness of 419 cd / m² only painfully compensates for. Suffice to say that its viewing angles are narrow…

We note all the same that the Fire 7 does better than its predecessor, gaining in maximum brightness, but also minimum (3.6 cd / m²) for comfortable consultation in the dark. The contrast is still limited (1035:1), but the delta E is contained at 4.7 – with significant drifts in the blues – and its color temperature is established at 6014 K. It’s a little too warm , but not so far from the reference standard (6500 K).

As you can imagine, the tablet ignores the customization options. It is therefore not possible to calibrate the panel or increase the refresh rate, fixed at 60 Hz. A dark mode is however available. Finally, let’s add a tactile delay of 108 ms and an afterglow time of 16 ms.

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