Amazon increases its prices in France for its Prime subscription

Amazon Prime subscription prices will increase from September 15, 2022.

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The annual subscription to Amazon Prime increases by 20 euros. © FellowNeko –

An increase of more than 40% for the annual subscription to Amazon Prime

According to information relayed by theAFP, Amazon announces an increase in the prices of its Prime subscription in Europe. France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy will see subscription prices increase from September 15, 2022. In France, the new price list will be as follows:

  • €6.99 per month (instead of €5.99 initially),
  • €69.90 per year (instead of €49.90 initially).

To explain this increase, Amazon specifies, in an email sent to subscribers overnight from Monday to Tuesday, that “this change is linked to the increase in operating costs of Prime in France”. In question: the price of fuel, energy or even packaging costs, as a spokesperson for the group told AFP. As a reminder, Amazon had already announced an increase in the prices of its Prime subscription in the United States in February 2022.

Amazon forced to facilitate the termination procedure

In the email informing its members, Amazon adds: “you can check the date of your next renewal, manage or cancel your subscription by going to your account”. And for good reason, the group simplified the procedure for unsubscribing from its Prime offer at the beginning of July 2022. This approach follows complaints from the European Commission and several consumer associations.

The company, which indicates that it has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, without ever disclosing the number of subscribers by country, could have to face a wave of unsubscriptions following the announcement of the increase in its prices.

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