Amazon Mobile Savings Days – Smartphones Up to 30% Off

Amazon Mobile Savings Days – Smartphones up to 30% off
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Looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest smartphones, Amazon Mobile Savings Day is finally live! However, in this offer, you get the highest discount or price reduction on different smartphones, which can reach up to 30%. However, the sale on the Amazon platform would be available until July 29 this year. In addition to that, you can also get your hands on all the accessories you need so far for a smartphone and that too at a discounted price.


Smartphone deals on Amazon Mobile Savings Days

If you are looking for a new smartphone upgrade, now may be the perfect time for you to go for this upgrade. Here we have presented all the details about the smartphone which is available at a new discounted price.

Apple iPhone 13 Series – Discount at Rs. 69,990 by adding additional 12% discount

Apple iPhone 13 series

Apple iPhone 13 series
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One of the main aspects that enjoy a bigger cash discount on the Apple iPhone 13 series is Apple’s latest smartphone. There are many great features you can get here, including an excellent flagship-level smartphone with cutting-edge technology.

Vivo Y15C reduced to Rs. 9,499 by adding an additional 34% discount

Cheers Y15C

Cheers Y15C
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The Vivo Y15C is among the smartphones that will get an additional discount from the smartphone. The discount will be 34%, and you will also get a lot of features such as a massive 6.15 inch screen and a massive battery that also supports 10W charging. Here you also get a slightly more battery capacity larger and more efficient than 5,000.

Vivo Y33t price halted at Rs. 17,990 adding an additional 22% discount

Cheers Y33t

Cheers Y33t

If you are looking for a slightly better option compared to the previously mentioned Vivo Y15C, you can also take a look at this new Vivo Y33t smartphone. Here the smartphone is availed of a massive discount of up to 22% bringing the price of the phone down to just Rs. 17,990. As for the features, the phone comes with a support screen of larger FHD resolution, as well as a larger 50MP camera sensor as the primary sensor.

Here is the list of products that you can buy on the Amazon website at the price offered. We will be adding more and more item on-sale dates in the near future, so stay tuned with us on TechStory for more updates.

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