Amazon partners with SFR for a bundled offer

The 2022/2023 season is getting closer and the TV rights war can also lead to rapprochements. This is the case between Amazon and SFR. According The Team, the American giant will join forces with SFR for a bundled offer. Thus, for a total sum of €20 per month, it will be possible to have a subscription combining the RMC Sport channels, Amazon Prime and the Ligue 1 Pass.

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A wide and interesting catalog since it allows to have the two best posters of the Champions League as well as almost all the matches of the Europa League and Europa League Conference (with the exception of the best poster). Last season, you had to pay €12.99 monthly in addition to the €5.99 monthly from the Amazon Prime service to have the Ligue 1 Pass. For just over an additional euro, subscribers will therefore have access to European matches. . The offer will be launched from July 27 via the operator SFR.

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