Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022

  • The Amazon Prime Day 2022 sale features a smart light sale.

  • Get the best smart light on Amazon online in Prime Day deals.

  • ICICI and SBI bank customers enjoy additional discounts on credit/debit card and EMI transactions.

Amazon India has launched the Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 from July 23 to July 24, 2022. The Amazon Prime Day offer offers a chance to buy smart lights from Amazon and upgrade your homes. The sale offers the best smart lighting price on Amazon India. ICICI Bank and SBI Bank customers enjoy additional discounts and cashback on transactions. See the best offers here.

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED T-Beamer

Price: Rs 2,399.00
Selling Price: Rs 1,391.00

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED T-Beamer is a Wiz Connected smart light that offers extremely wide light spread and easy control of your lights from the app or your voice assistant. The smart light can switch between shades of white, helping you adjust your lighting mood based on the time of day or your mood. Get the best Amazon Smart Light price in first day deals. See the offer

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED T-bulb

Price: Rs 1,999.00
Selling price: Rs 649.00

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED T-Bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others. The smart LED bulb is easy to use and comes with a compatible app. Once paired with the Alexa or Google Home smart speaker, the bulb can be easily controlled by voice. Make your home smart with the Philips smart LED bulb. Buy Smart Light from Amazon India to get the best price. See the offer

Syska SMW-12W-5C 12W B-22 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb

Price: Rs 2,199.00
Selling price: Rs 649.00

The Wi-Fi enabled Syska SMW-12W-5C 12W B-22 Smart LED Light Bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others. The bulb can be used with the Syska Smart Home app. You can control your light from anywhere with the Syska Smart Home app. Easily light up your home remotely even when you’re on vacation for better security. The lights also feature voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. See the offer

Wipro Next 20W smart LED strip

Price: Rs 2,480.00
Selling Price: Rs 799.00

Wipro Next 20W Smart LED Batten lets you control your light from anywhere with the Wipro Next Smart app. The Wipro Next smart LED strip can be easily controlled with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can transform your room into all kinds of themes like reading, night, meeting, leisure and soft by changing the brightness and white color between Warm White (2700K) and Cool Day White (6500K) with Wipro Next App . See the offer

Halonix Prizm 20W 4ft Wi-Fi Compatible Smart LED Strip Light

Price: Rs 2,900.00
Selling Price: Rs 1,032.00

The Wi-Fi enabled Halonix Prizm 20W 4ft Smart LED Strip has remote control and timer functions that easily automate your lighting, easily automate your lights to turn on when you wake up or dim the lights when needed. The Halonix prime Prizm smart 20 Watt LED strip with Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. Easily adjust the lighting as you wish to create the right mood and atmosphere in your home. See the offer

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