Amazon Prime: how to stay on the old rate for another year

A trick allows you to extend the old rate for a period of one year.

If there is a trick to pay for your Prime subscription twice as much, not everyone necessarily wants to go through a site in Dutch or lose certain advantages linked to French accounts. For those who would like to keep the advantages of FR accounts, there is also a trick to not suffer the brunt of the price increase announced by Amazon.

And this one is rather simple to apply since you just have to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime and resubscribe just before the price increase.

In concrete terms, this approach will allow you to save €20 on your annual subscription.

To proceed, you will have to go to Your accountclick on Prime. In the tab, choose the option “End subscription and benefits.” You will then be automatically unsubscribed from the formula, and can then choose to re-subscribe to the service on September 13 or 14, for a period of one year, at the old rate, i.e. for €49 per year. . However, the scheme only works with the annual plan.

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