Amazon Prime increases in price, last chance to take your subscription before the increase

You have probably seen it in our columns, Amazon has decided to increase the price of its Prime subscription in France. As of September 15, 2022, it will increase from €5.99 to €6.99 per month (+16.6%) and from €49 to €69.90 per year, which represents an increase of 42.6%.

The ever-increasing number of new additions to Prime Video, such as the series on the Lord of the Rings would justify this price increase according to the brand.

It’s not too late

If some decide to stop their subscription (our tutorial here to unsubscribe), others may still want to extend it to still enjoy the service’s series, films and Ligue 1 Pass.

Is this your case? We therefore advise you to renew your one-year subscription now, or before September 15 to take advantage of the current price one last time and anticipate a “saving” of €20. It’s always taken.

In addition, if you have not yet subscribed to the service, you can also take advantage of a free trial period by clicking on the link below.

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Amazon Prime, a huge bouquet of services

Amazon is best known for its online sales platform of the same name. Its premium subscription allows you to obtain free delivery within 24 hours (in most cities) on all products stored in its warehouses.

It also gives access to a streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video, where you can find series like The Boys and soon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. There is also Amazon Music or even Prime Gaming allowing you to download PC games for free.

For more details, we invite you to read our dedicated article on Amazon Prime.

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