Amazon Prime, or the evils of globalization

For subscribers to the Amazon Prime service, it’s a cold shower. The service of the American giant goes from 49 euros per year to 69.90 euros. A 40% jump in the price, a well-felt participation by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in the fight against inflation in the country of Emmanuel Macron. Amazon Prime is the service that gives you access to accelerated delivery of everything you order from the giant Web supermarket and offers you shows, sports, movies, books or music.

Of course, it plagues social networks where the French have the feeling of having their finger stuck in the door. Especially since unsubscribing from the famous Amazon Prime does not look easy: Amazon has even been slapped on the subject. Something to think about the benefits of globalization dear to our politicians and their very chic and very fallible influencers for decades.

It was beautiful, Amazon, when he arrived in France. Children were told the story of Jeff Bezos, creator of this marvelous service with a computer and two strings. A benefactor of humanity, Jeff Bezos. Just think, he was selling books! Are you against books? You don’t want people to be able to read freely and without breaking the bank? Are you for borders, as before? Do you prefer small businesses to multinationals that serve the same soup everywhere, invoice in France, collect profits in the United States and hire elsewhere? Nasty ! Nerdy! Despite a brief controversy, despite Europe’s useless posturing, the red carpet was quickly rolled out to Jeff Bezos when he moved to France in August 2000. The regions fought so that he could “create jobs” by opening its famous warehouses. Its drivers got into the habit of urinating into a bottle so as not to delay the delivery. We rubbed our hands. Roland-Garros, for example, sold part of its television rights to Jeff Bezos. It paid better than France Televisions.

In short, globalization promised to be successful, once again.

The small independent booksellers have tried to resist. They stood up for some like vulgar unruly Gauls in front of the American bulldozer. In vain. Results ? According to the BDCOM 2020 survey on the state of shops in Paris (published on February 8, 2021 under the aegis of the Paris-Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and the city of Paris), our neighborhood bookstores are disappearing without a look from our great globalizers. “Cultural and leisure businesses (around 5,300 stores), down since 2005, have also been fewer since 2017 (-5.1%, around -285 stores), impacted in particular by competition from online salesexplains this official report. It is particularly bookstores that have seen their workforce decline more sharply than during the previous period (-58 in 3 years). » The phenomenon applies to Paris and elsewhere. The book, Amazon’s historic core business… Since then, we don’t hear too much about booksellers. Some are subsidized by the state, they are silent. Others have disappeared, they are also silent. What French booksellers are not allowed to do (increase their prices, those of books), Jeff Bezos did with the snap of a finger.

At least, Amazon, this company paragon of happy globalization, does France benefit from its expansion by recruiting at full capacity? We are so well, in France and in Europe! It’s so much better for investors, France in Europe! Not like with these English stubborn as donkeys, locked in their Brexit which will ruin them, faith of globalist!

Alas, a very recent dispatch from Challenges and of theAFP dated this July 15 is enough to rinse the last suckers admirers of the star flag. Amazon has chosen as a priority to expand its troops… the country of Boris Johnson! He will hire “more than 4,000 additional people this year in the United Kingdom on permanent contracts”. “This should boost its workforce in the country to 75,000 people and make the group one of the top ten private employers in the UK”, adds the dispatch. In France, Amazon is more modestly aiming for the bar of 18,500 permanent employees by the end of the year: four times less. The price of the ruin of how many small businesses, bookstores and others! United Kingdom, “the internet giant has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic and lockdowns when stores were closedcontinues the dispatch AFP. In all, Amazon says it has created 40,000 jobs in the UK in three years. » In full Brexit! And to think that we were predicted the desperate and mass flight of large groups and English investors in a hurry to take refuge in France… No commentas the English say.

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