Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer

news culture Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer

The Year of the Shark, the film by Ludovic Boukherma is out today in cinemas. The opportunity to dive back into some killer shark films in this summer when everyone dreams of being able to swim to escape the stifling heat of August. JV’s editorial staff offers you a selection of shark films that you can find on Amazon Prime Video to shudder in this summer..


  • Sharknado
  • Crawl
  • Jaws
  • Ice Sharks
  • Scared


The series of Sharknado, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (The Banshee) follows the adventures of Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and his family through six films released between 2013 and 2018. With the Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can watch the last three opuses of the little saga of sharks falling from the sky. Sharknado: The 4th Awakening, Sharknado 5: Planetary Tingling and The Last Sharknado: It’s About time!


Small exception of this list since it is not a film of killer sharks, but we find there the same atmosphere. Instead of the sea, we get a nice flood in Florida, except with it comes loads of crocodiles, just as friendly to humans as sharks are. Crawl is a horror film by Alexandra Aja (The Hill Has Eyes) released in 2019. The hometown of Hayley (Kaya Scodelario) is threatened by a violent hurricane. She chooses to go find her missing father rather than follow evacuation orders. She will then have to survive a flood and a hurricane while rescuing her seriously injured father. But the flood brings a whole other danger with it…

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Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer


We no longer present the most famous of the killer shark films which launched a real trend since 1975. And it is to the great Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones) that we owe Jaws and the fear of sharks that the film may have inspired in some of us. The summer season of the seaside resort of Amity finds itself disrupted by the discovery of a mutilated body on the beach. Police chief Martiin Brody (Roy Scheider) is convinced that the young woman was the victim of a shark attack. Against his agreement, the mayor of the city decides to let the population swim despite the very present danger of this predator which prowls around the beach. While the shark in question continues to sow terror and feast on new victims, Martin Brody decides to go and face the threat at sea.

Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer

Ice Sharks

Released in 2016, Ice Sharks is a film by Emile Edwin Smith (Ice Trap Alert). The story takes place deep within the inhospitable Arctic Circle, on an isolated polar base. The team of scientists present for research will have to find a way to survive when their base begins to sink into the icy waters following an attack from an unknown predator. Global warming does not help ensure their survival. and reveals that a species of prehistoric and particularly ferocious sharks has awakened. Trapped in an installation that is leaking and will soon have no more oxygen, and surrounded by monsters from another age who want their skin, the scientists will have to find a way to stay alive.

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Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer


Scared is a film by Renny Harlin (Golden Heist) released in 1999. The plot takes place in an old submarine supply base lost in the middle of the ocean. A team of biologists, led by Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows), genetically manipulates the brains of sharks in an effort to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Result: a new kind of shark is created, and the experiments inevitably end up going wrong. At the height of the disaster, the sharks escape and attack the base, weakened in times of storm.

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Amazon Prime Video: 5 killer shark movies for the summer

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