Amazon Prime Video App Updates On Xbox And Windows With New Design


Amazon’s recent design overhaul for its Amazon Prime Video apps is now available on both Windows devices and Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X families of video game consoles.

Redesign of the Amazon Prime Video app allows for more on-screen menu content, does a better job of labeling free content for Amazon Prime subscribers, moves the main menu to the left side of the app screen and more prominently displays content above the Channels that require additional subscriptions or memberships.

Amazon Prime Video Windows App

Amazon’s Prime Video app has long been criticized for its convoluted and confusing design. Some of the biggest issues that many took issue with were the difficulty of finding content and the confusing way individual seasons of TV shows are all listed in the menu and search results instead of being lumped together like in almost all other streaming apps.


This new design seems to have reduced the number of multiple seasons of a show all showing up in the menu and search listings and the show seasons navigation menu in a show’s individual page is much smoother than before.

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