Amazon Prime Video: new films and series for August 2022

By Cécile D. Published on July 28, 2022 at 12:56

It is often neglected, wrongly: the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform is nevertheless filled with small cinematographic nuggets and cool series for the whole family. Find out what new features are coming to the platform in August 2022.

You thought you had it all figured out? Nay! Amazon Prime Video refreshes its catalog by unveiling new movies and series to see on the platform. There are great classics to see or see again and novelties ready to surprise and seduce us.

The Indiana Jones and Rambo sagas, Ligue 1 matches, All on stage, New York, judicial police There is something for every taste ! So get the popcorn and the chilled lemonade ready, here’s your new program for the starting month.

New Amazon Prime Video releases for August 2022:

Films, shows and documentaries:

  • IndianaJonesthe saga, August 1st
  • Rampage: out of controlAugust 1st
  • DidierAugust 1st
  • All on stageAugust 1st
  • Mirai, my little sisterAugust 1st
  • Oslo, August 31August 1st
  • Counter-investigationAugust 1st
  • last seen aliveAugust 1st
  • ShowgirlsAugust 1st
  • Starting pointAugust 1st
  • The Botswanga CrocodileAugust 1st
  • All or nothing: ArsenalAugust 4
  • Thirteen LivesAugust 5
  • Ligue 1: OL-AC Ajaccio5 August
  • Rambothe saga, August 9
  • Dora and the Lost CityAugust 14
  • first loveAugust 19
  • In Troubled Waters (The Meg)August 22
  • A day to dieAugust 22
  • the samaritanAugust 26
  • Ligue 1: PSG-AS MonacoAugust 28


  • New York, judicial police (seasons 6–9), August 1
  • Hotel del Luna (season 1), August 1
  • A league of their own (season 1), August 12
  • making the cut (season 3), August 19

With all these new features, there’s no longer any question of getting bored! Also find the current movies and series from other platforms streaming.

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