Amazon Series Will Be Very Different From Peter Jackson’s Trilogy, Here’s Why

Exclusively for ScreenRant, one of the actresses of the future Amazon series The Lord of the Rings explained how the show will be different from the Peter Jackson trilogy. A way to learn more about Rings of Powerwhich was unveiled this winter through 23 sublime posters.

According to Ema Horvath, who plays Eärien, Elendi’s daughter, the universe of Rings of Power will have nothing to do with that of Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson. The actress explains that the spectators will discover Middle-earth at a time before that of the trilogy, much happier. Ditto for the place where his character lives, Númenor, a kingdom located on an island, disappeared at the time of the Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson.

Just how rich it is. You watch movies, where everything is almost apocalyptic. Especially for my character, who is on Númenor. It is the most glorious, the most beautiful, the most vibrant, the most colorful era compared to what we have seen previously.

An atmosphere far from that of Peter Jackson’s trilogy, very dark and disenchanted, according to the explanations of the actress. As a reminder, the series will immerse us in the Second Age of Middle-earth, and will tell the creation of the Rings of Power by the Noldor Elves, fooled by the infamous Sauron, as well as the fate of the Island of Númenor. This story takes place in a peaceful time, thousands of years before the events of the trilogies of Lord of the Rings and hobby, and before the rise of the Necromancer. This will not prevent the series from offering us dramatic tension, according to the second teaser of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power unveiled by Amazon Prime Video this month.

Before discovering whether the tone of Power Rings is as captivating as that of Peter Jackson’s trilogy, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait for September 2, 2022 and the broadcast of the first episode on the streaming platform… Still a little patience !

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