Amazon sues Facebook group admins for posting misleading reviews

The false reviews left on Amazon are a plague not only for honest consumers who want to learn about a product, but also for the platform which must constantly fight against the proliferation of these misleading reviews.

Amazon has filed a complaint against the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups who organize false tests on the sheets of products sold by the store. These groups recruit individuals who, for money or free products, write misleading reviews on Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, but also in France.

A long-term job

The information that will come out of this legal procedure will be used to identify the actors behind these groups, and remove the false comments from these fraudsters. Amazon is not immune to the proliferation of misleading reviews. The company has developed technologies and investigative teams that have already enabled it to suppress ” millions of suspicious reviews before they are even seen by customers says Dharmesh Mehta, who heads up partner sales.

The complaint is a further step in this fight against perpetrators operating on social networks. Amazon gives the example of the group operating on Facebook simply called “Amazon Product Review”, which solicited participants to write fake reviews on products such as car stereos or camera tripods. More than 43,000 members belonged to this group, until Meta put an end to it at the beginning of the year.

Amazon, which set up a comment area for its products in 1995, employs 12,000 people dedicated to this task all over the world. They investigate Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter and regularly report groups recruiting individuals. In two years, the distributor has reported more than 10,000 such groups to Meta, half of which have been removed.

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