Amazon: the queen of connected speakers is on sale

News good plan Amazon: the queen of connected speakers is on sale

More and more, we are equipping our homes with connected accessories of all kinds. We must recognize that they are very practical and make our daily lives a little easier. Among these objects, connected speakers are particularly popular with families.

Well, obviously, we are not facing promotions of the same intensity as those we experienced during Prime Day. On the other hand, we are still quite close.

Buy an Echo Dot on Amazon from 37€

Normally sold between €49 and €69 depending on the generation chosen, the famous Echo Dot from Amazon, which has the voice assistant Alexa on board, has just dropped at a fairly aggressive price on Amazon.

We thus find:

  • The 4th generation Echo Dot at 39€ instead of 59€
  • The 3rd generation Echo Dot at 37€ instead of 49€

Why is Amazon’s Echo Dot so great?

First of all, this connected speaker has a sleek design that blends into any interior. Discreet but rather aesthetic, it also goes unnoticed in your home and connects to your other compatible devices via Bluetooth.

And discreet does not mean “ineffective”, far from it… on the contrary. You can control your Echo Dot with the sound of your voice. For example, you can ask it to turn your connected light bulbs on or off, launch your favorite playlist on Spotify, or even control the thermostat in your home.

In the kitchen, an Echo Dot dictates the recipe, plays music while you peel the potatoes and sets the timer once the dish is on the heat. In the bedroom, it serves as an alarm clock and an assistant to tell you the weather (which helps you choose your clothes) or turn on connected light bulbs. In the bathroom, the Echo Dot presses you if you drag a little too much under water while broadcasting the radio, a podcast or music on Spotify… In short, it’s used for a lot of things.

And if you have two Echo Dots, you can place them near your smart TV so that you end up with a home theater at a lower cost.

The Drop In functionality is also very interesting, since you can make hands-free calls thanks to Alexa, but also communicate via other Echo Dot connected in the network in your house.

No need to worry about your privacy, the Echo Dot all have a mechanical microphone stop button and it is possible to manage all your data within the Alexa application.

Buy an Echo Dot on Amazon from 37€

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