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Having noted a DMA debit on your account statement, you wonder where this debit comes from. You may also want to cancel your DMA insurance to stop this movement. Our guide provides tips on how to end it as quickly as possible online or through other means.

Why do you have a dma charge on your account?

The DMA direct debit, which is a SEPA direct debit, logically matches the payment of your monthly payment corresponding to an insurance contract with this provider.

This flow, the origin of which may be unclear to you, may result from a agreement whose existence or terms you may have forgotten. DMA offers insurance coverage such as Protect Elec +, Eco Habitat, Sérénité Habitat and other offers to protect your home and family.

These clauses usually accompany the sales contracts presented by agencies in the real estate or energy sectors. When signing your contract, it is then possible to have subscribed at the same time to one or more insurances. However, the choice of your insurance company is logically free without having to adopt the seller’s proposal.

The monthly DMA debit generally appears under the following description:


Who is DMA?

DMA is a French company founded in 2010 specializing in insurance brokerage for legal protection. The coverage of its more than 100,000 individual and professional customers makes their protection its core business.

Its innovative solutions aim to help families overcome the various difficulties or hazards of everyday life, whether private or professional.

The firm offers a multitude of insurance products that are as competitive in terms of prices as they are in terms of services. It also offers real support through personalized advice in the management of claims.

We present below the offers to which you can subscribe or are likely to have subscribed, which would explain the monthly withdrawals from your bank account:

The Eco Habitat offer

For a subscription of €11.90 per month, benefit from the guarantee of your installations in the event of malfunction or breakdown. Offer valid for your installations of:

  • Gas amounting to €300
  • Electricity amounting to 400 €
  • Plumbing amounting to 300 €

The Eco Habitat pack protects your gas, electrical and plumbing installations. In addition, it gives free access to legal advice and to the guarantee of legal protection up to an amount of €15,000 in the event of a dispute.

The main advantages of subscribers to this offer are:

  • The lack of franchise
  • It does not involve a waiting period
  • The full-time availability of the legal information and prevention service for your disputes, whatever the field of law. (Available by telephone. See contacts at the end of the article.)

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income loss insurance

For a payment of €8.90 per month, benefit from the coverage guarantee up to the amount of 600 euros per claim.

The loss of income pack covers accidental events and everyday hazards in the private sector. DMA then bears the living expenses of the victim. It can be, for example, an incident on the payment of energy bills, telephone or internet connection.

The main advantages of this insurance product are:

  • The lack of franchise
  • It does not consider a waiting period
AMD sample

electrical breakdown insurance

For collection of €8.90 per month, you benefit from cover amounting to 400 euros per year of insurance.

The Power Failure pack, as its name suggests, takes effect when the customer experiences a power failure. It also gives access to free legal advice and legal protection cover of up to 15,000 euros if a dispute arises.

The main advantages for customers of this offer are:

  • The non-necessity of franchise
  • The absence of a waiting period
  • The unlimited availability of the service of legal information and prevention of your disputes whatever the field of law. (Reachable by phone. We share useful contacts at the end of the article.)

If the amount of the monthly direct debit displayed on your account statement corresponds to the rate of one of these offers, then you can be certain of its origin.

How to stop the dma direct debit?

There are two ways to stop monthly DMA charges from your account:

  • Cancellation of your subscription
  • Cancellation of your contract

Cancellation of your subscription to one of the DMA offers

The offer proposal occurs most of the time in the context of canvassing at home, by e-mail, by telephone or by fax. From the moment of this approach, expect a subscription request, which you may have accepted. You have 14 days from this subscription to cancel your contract. It is withdrawal.

If you have not canceled within 14 days, you are hired for 12 months during which termination will only be possible for exceptional reasons.


Cancellation of your AD&D insurance contract

You can stop your affinity DMA insurance contract any time after the birthday of this one. In other words, at the end of the minimum commitment period of 12 months. To do this, you must observe a one month notice to terminate your contract with DMA.

The question of terminating at the end of the 12 months by means of the Hamon law often arises in cases of breach of contract. However, this law does not concern this category of contract, which is an assistance contract. However, it is possible for you to break the affinity contract before one year by invoking a legitimate reason.

In this case, you must attach a supporting document to your cancellation letter. The following cases are considered legitimate reasons:

  • The death
  • Over-indebtedness
  • And moving abroad

To initiate the termination process, you must send your request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the DMA company within the time limits (notice).

How to contact DMA Assurances?

You can contact the DMA company for the termination of the offer to which you are subscribed:

  • By correspondence to the address:


54, boulevard Flandrin

75116 Paris

  • By calling customer service at
  • By email at: [email protected]

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