Ami Assurances: Turnover up 54.9% at the end of June 2022

As of 30.06.2022, the overall turnover of the company AMI Assurances amounted to 111 MD against 71.7 MD as of 30.06.2021, an increase of 54.9%. This exceptional development includes the completion of a major capitalization life insurance contract. Excluding this contract, the change would have been 7%

Non-life insurance posted a turnover of 69.5 MD against 69.0 MD on 30.06.2021, i.e. a growth rate of 0.7%, which comes mainly from the increase in premiums issued by automotive, transport and health sectors.

Life written premiums increased by 38 MD, rising from 2.6 MD on 06.30.2021 to 41.5 MD on 06.30.2022, mainly linked to the acceleration of bancassurance and the completion of a major capitalization contract.

The ceded premiums increased by 1.4 MD from 3.7 MD on 06.30.2021 to 5.1 MD on 06.30.2022.

Settled claims totaled 54 MD against 44 MD at 30.06.2021, i.e. an increase of 22.8%. This increase in settlements is explained by the acceleration in the settlement of claims, in particular for the automobile branch, by 9.3 MD.

Financial income increased by 4.8 MD, going from 9.2 MD on 30.06.2021 to 14 MD on 30.06.2022.

Commissions increased by 1.2 MTD (15.1%), this variation is mainly due to the increase in life premiums issued.

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