AppleCare+ for iPhone with theft coverage coming soon in France

Apple will soon offer a long-awaited new type of insurance for the iPhone in France. In addition to the usual AppleCare + contract, which includes two accidental damage repairs per year, the manufacturer will market “AppleCare + with cover in the event of loss or theft”. As its name suggests, in addition to the classic material guarantee, this insurance allows you to protect your back in the event of loss or theft.

This formula, already available in several countries, will include coverage for two incidents related to theft or loss of the device per 12-month period. To get a new iPhone, you will have to pay a deductible of 129 €.

The price of insurance, which depends on the iPhone model, is not yet known. In the US, AppleCare+ with lost or stolen coverage is $269 for two years or $13.49/month unlimited for iPhone 13 Pro. For iPhone 11, it’s $219 one-time or $11.49/month.

If you buy this insurance when it becomes available, for it to work, the Find My feature must be activated on your iPhone at the time of loss or theft and throughout the claim process. You will be required to erase data from the stolen or misplaced device, deactivate it, and transfer ownership before you can get a new device, Apple said. In addition, after sending your claim to Apple, you will need to finalize it on the website of AIG, Apple’s partner insurer.

AppleCare+ deductibles

The availability of this new insurance should not be long since it is now mentioned on the Apple site, which was not the case a few days ago. It still lacks the general conditions (which should be available at this address) and the button to subscribe to this contract when ordering a new iPhone or within 60 days.


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