AppleCare+ theft and loss insurance available in France, how much does it cost?

AppleCare+ insurance for iPhone is officially available in France with an additional formula that covers cases of loss or theft of the device. It is now possible to subscribe to it, whether at the time of the order or from a new iPhone – if this is not the case yet, patience, it is being deployed.

When ordering an iPhone, it is now possible to select AppleCare+ with coverage in the event of loss or theft.

We did not know the rates charged for this new insurance until now. Since the general conditions and other official documents are now available online, we know what to expect. Coverage for two years is billed from €149 to €289 depending on iPhone, monthly policy (no term limit) costs from €7.49 to €14.49.

The prices of this new AppleCare + formula are quite close to the American price list ($11.49 per month or $219 once for the iPhone 11, for example). Remember that this insurance covers two incidents related to theft or loss of the device per 12-month period. The deductible is €129 per device replaced.

Added to this are the usual benefits of AppleCare +, which covers up to two incidents of accidental damage per 12 month period. Be careful, there is also a deductible:

  • Damage to screen or glass back: €29
  • Other type of accidental damage: €99
  • Theft or loss: €129

If opting for loss or theft insurance, the Find My feature should be enabled on the iPhone (usually it’s a good idea to enable it even without insurance) throughout the claim process. It will also be necessary to erase the data of the stolen or lost device, deactivate it and transfer ownership to AIG, Apple’s partner. After the complaint has been sent to Apple, it will have to be finalized on the insurer’s website, at this address.


AppleCare+ for iPhone with theft coverage coming soon in France


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