are you well covered in case of forest fires?

The fires are multiplying in Occitania. In the event of a claim, homeowners are covered by their home insurance. But certain rules must be respected to hope to be compensated.

Unlike floods, mudslides or earthquakes, forest fires are not considered natural disasters. 9 times out of 10, fires are of human origin, whether the fire is intentional or not.

Fires caused by forest fires are covered by theHome Insurance disaster victims. The amount of compensation depends on your level of coverage.

This insurance, compulsory for tenants and co-owners, is optional for owners who occupy their homes.

home insurance only takes housing into account : to cover the ground, you must take out an option. Be careful therefore in case of infrastructure outside, such as a swimming pool or a garden shed.

It is also necessary to pay a supplement to be rehoused while waiting for the accommodation to be habitable again.

When you take out a home insurance contract, you cover the value of the furniture and objects you own. It is on this basis that the insurer relies to assess the amount to be reimbursed, it is therefore necessary to update the amount regularly so that recently purchased goods are covered.

Even if you are covered, the insurer can refuse to pay if you do not meet certain obligations.

In particular, it is mandatory to to clear its garden to prevent fires and encourage the intervention of firefighters in the event of a disaster. The forest code imposes clearing on 50 meters around the houses when they are located less than 200 meters from a forest or a natural park.

This distance may be reduced in areas particularly at risk. This is the case for municipalities with a forest fire risk prevention plan (PPRIF). These plans, drawn up at the municipal or inter-municipal level, require clearing from 100 meters.

22% of PPRIFs in France are located in Occitanie. The region has about forty. To know the rule in force, you must inquire with your municipality.

The maximum time to initiate the process with your insurer is listed on your contract. Usually you have five days to get in touch with your insurance.

Note that no work should be started before the expert appointed by the insurer comes to see the damage.

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