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Athéna Transition Septembre 2022” (Isin code FR001400B9K2) can be taken out under life insurance or capitalization contracts. This investment solution combines a coupon potential of 6% gross per year and a capital guarantee at maturity while providing diversification.

ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 is issued by SG ISSUER. The underlying of this structured product is the Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points Index. The subscription period for ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 ends on 09/30/2022 (the end dates of subscription may vary depending on the financial intermediaries). Its Synthetic Risk Indicator is 2/7. ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 is accessible via at least one life insurance policy. List of insurers offering ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 on their contracts: GENERALI.

The advantages of this structured product:

  • The 100% capital guarantee at maturity,
  • L’return target of 6% gross per yearsubject to changes in its benchmark index (Euronext® Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened),
  • Geographical and sectoral diversification through the choice of its ESG index,
  • The maximum investment period of 10 years,
  • Annual reminder frequencies (from the 3rd), if the reference index is greater than or equal to its initial level, the product can be fully redeemed early with a coupon of 6% gross per year elapsed.
ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 Structured Product: details
Transmitter SG ISSUER
ISIN code FR001400B9K2
Par value of one share 1000.00 €
Admission fees 0.00%
Exit fees 0.00%
Synthetic Risk Indicator (7 = maximum risk) ⚠️ 2 / 7
Subscription deadline 09/30/2022
Still 58 days before the end of the subscription period for this structured product.
Recommended investment period 10 years
Underlying financial asset Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points Index
Simplified mechanism
Repayment of the entire initial capital at maturity, regardless of the evolution of the index on the final determination date. Redemption Coupon 6.00%.Life insurance policies offering ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 as a unit-linked
(1)Insurers offering ATHENA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 as a unit-linked part of their life insurance policies (1)
It is imperative to take all of the financial documentation (in particular the unfavorable scenario) before subscribing to a structured product.(1)

: non-exhaustive list of market offers. List given as an indication.

Limited subscription until September 30, 2022

Like any structured fund, the subscription period is limited. The date indicated is September 30, 2022, but varies significantly between insurers. It is always recommended to subscribe a few days before the end date of the subscription period in order to avoid any potential problem.

Earning target: 6%

The expected return is 6%, depending on the terms and conditions of application of this structured fund. This is a goal and not a guaranteed return.


The investor is exposed to the equity market through exposure to the Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points index. (ISIN code: FR0014005GF9). Reimbursement of the “Athena Transition September 2022” product is conditional on the evolution of this index calculated by reinvesting the gross dividends detached by the shares that compose it and by subtracting a fixed and constant levy of 50 index points per year. In order to benefit from reimbursement of the entire capital at maturity, regardless of the evolution of the index, the investor agrees to limit his gains in the event of a sharp rise in the equity market.


    Structured product, a risky investment.

  • Structured products are debt securities presenting a risk of partial or total capital loss during their lifetime and at maturity.

  • Structured products are not suitable for older investors (over 70, non-compliance with their investor profile) or wishing to exit before the product matures.

  • Investors’ attention is drawn to the fact that by investing in debt securities they take on a credit risk on the Issuer and on the Guarantor of the formula. You bear the possible risk of default and bankruptcy of the issuer as well as the risk of default, bankruptcy and resolution of the formula.

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