Beware of Uber emails that make Microsoft Outlook flinch

A few days ago, Microsoft launched a brand new version of its Outlook application for Android, a “Lite” version lighter and faster than ever, perfect for those who have an entry-level smartphone and/or weak network (and/or who want a cleaner Outlook). In recent days, it is the Windows version, used by millions of people every day, which poses certain concerns for users, in particular for those who use Uber’s services.

Outlook in trouble with Uber?

Indeed, for a few days now, various users have been reporting bugs encountered on Outlook. Bugs which generally manifest themselves by an Outlook which no longer responds, or which comes to crash. A problem that has been officially recognized by Microsoft, and which manifests itself when the user consults a receipt that was sent to him… by Uber.

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Microsoft explains as follows:When opening, replying to, or forwarding some emails that contain complex tables, Outlook becomes unresponsive. Same table content also causes Word to stop responding“. A concern that manifests itself in version 2206 Build 15330.20196 of Outlook (and all higher versions), but also in the recent beta.

Initially, Microsoft announced that it would not be able to correct the problem before the next “tuesday patch“, expected on August 9th. However, it would seem that the American giant has taken the decision to speed up the process, since the concern is now noted as “corrected” on the Microsoft Support page.

To install the new Outlook update, which is therefore able to display emails from Uber without flinching, you must go to the Update section of your Office account, and download the new version 2207 , Program Build 15427.20194.

Microsoft fixed another Outlook issue last month, with Outlook search not showing recent emails on Windows 11 systems in desktop apps for some users.


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