Burkina: Aveni-Re insured for APSAB members

Insurance executives during the opening ceremony of the 48-hour training seminar

The Professional Association of Insurance Companies of Burkina (APSAB) in partnership with the reinsurance company Aveni-Re, organizes the 27 and July 28, 2022, a training seminar to strengthen the skills of its members.

Having competent employees in the field to the great satisfaction of their customers is one of the major objectives of the Professional Association of Insurance Companies of Burkina (APSAB). To do this, it has initiated a two-day training seminar which runs from July 27 to 28, 2022, for its members.

The presidium at the launch of the training on July 27 in Ouagadougou

According to the president of the Professional Association of Insurance Companies of Burkina (APSAB), Monhamed JI Compaoré, this 48-hour seminar is the first action of the partnership between APSAB and the reinsurance company Aveni-Re which supports insurance companies assurance in building the skills of their staff. The latter will thus provide technical assistance to build the capacity of insurance executives in Burkina Faso.

This training focuses on the transport branch with the theme: “Marine and/or land cargo insurance, unit and subdivision of risk, Generalities and operations”. Monhamed JI Compaoré seized the opportunity of this activity to recognize that transport is “one of the most important branches” of the insurance sector in Burkina Faso.

President of APSAB Monhamed JI Compaoré

“It is a branch that knows an insurance obligation, in particular the obligation of domiciliation of cargo insurance for the importation of goods whose value is greater than 500,000 CFA francs,” said the president of APSAB. . He also indicated that when there is an insurance obligation, there are necessarily a lot of services in the branch concerned, concluding that it is then “the duty of insurance companies to have competent employees, well trained so that the latter can properly take care of the needs and expectations of customers and that these services can contribute to defending the brand image of the companies”.

The CEO of the Aveni-Re company, Seybatou Aw, present at the opening ceremony of the training, praised the relevance of the theme of the training seminar, while affirming that transport is a fairly complex field, with many laws, international regulations and that it is “absolutely necessary to know the subject in order to be able to exercise it”. “We reiterate our availability whenever they need us as local reinsurers, we are ready to support them”, promised the CEO of Aveni-Re, while congratulating “the immense” progress insurance market in Burkina Faso.

The CEO of Aveni-Re, Seybatou Aw,

As for the president of APSAB Monhamed JI Compaoré, he expressed “the ardent wish” that this first action with the reinsurance company will not be the last, and that they “can organize together other training actions in ‘other branches of activity’.

The training was officially launched by the Director General of Insurance, Mamou Ouédraogo, who urged participants to attend the sessions regularly in order to derive maximum benefit from this sharing of experiences.

By Siaka CISSE (Trainee)

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