Car insurance: La Fegasa acts on digitization |

The Gabonese Federation of Insurance Companies (Feagasa) is currently involved in several structuring projects for the insurance sector. The objective is to establish digital technology as a strategic lever for economic transformation and social inclusion.

The expert in digital insurance solutions, Brice Bably, presenting the project to digitize the car insurance certificate in Gabon. © Gabonreview

Digital transformation is essential in several areas of activity and the insurance sector is not left out. A phenomenon reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis which has accelerated the need for autonomy and the desire to be able to manage all daily services remotely.

As part of its efforts to develop and modernize insurance in Gabon, the Gabonese Federation of Insurance Companies (Fegasa) has launched an in-depth reflection aimed at digitizing the automobile insurance certificate for the benefit of policyholders. and the entire value chain. At the end of its annual general meeting on July 25, Fegasa adopted a budget of nearly 338 million CFA francs for the 2022 financial year which will, among other things, accelerate the transition to an even more digital consumption model for the ‘car insurance.

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For the expert in digital insurance solutions, selected for the project, Brice Bably, in insurance, digitalization allows policyholders to be more ” free: subscribe to an insurance contract without traveling or calling, access all documents and certificates online from a dedicated customer area, make changes directly to their contracts when their situation changes, or even be able to declare a claim via a computer or smartphone, and follow its care in real time “.

The dematerialization of the automobile insurance certificate is intended as a solution to regulate unorthodox practices in the marketing of insurance, causing difficulties in the payment of claims and negatively impacting the image of insurance. Technology offers greater transparency, and the ability to empower consumers by encouraging them to understand their contracts and warranties. ” Gabon wants to be part of what is being done in the Cima zone in terms of digitization and it is a very buoyant market. Digitization is a natural phenomenon becausee today, we not can’t do without digitization. We have to go there because connected objects are more and more accessible to the population, and insurance shouldyou also reach this population through this tool “, said Brice Bably.

According to the expert in digital insurance solutions, it is not a question of replacing one distribution channel with another, but of allowing existing distribution channels to be more efficient while bringing in additional business through subscriptions. on line. The aim is to make digital a development lever for the insurance industry, but also to improve the coverage rate of citizens and economic agents while improving all the services associated with insurance contracts.

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