carbon neutrality is not at the forefront of its concerns!

This is what emerges from the transparency report dedicated to the environmental impact of its activity, despite the announcement of efforts accordingly on the subject but only in terms of communication apparently.

In this report, the e-commerce giant announces that it has emitted nearly 71.54 million tonnes of CO into the atmosphere.2an increase of 18% compared to 2020 and 40% higher than that of 2019!

In other words, Amazon will not be able to achieve any carbon neutrality by 2040, as Jeff Bezos promised.

To achieve this objective, it would be imperative that Amazon buys a very large quantity of vouchers to pollute, or invests massively in projects beneficial to the environment, which is however contrary to the commitments made by the companies, to put in place concrete actions within companies to reduce their carbon impact, between the use of renewable energies and the use of recycled materials.

Moreover, with regard to its activity, its efforts should be relative whereas precisely the firm justifies the increase in its subscriptions by the increase in its transport costs.

Insufficient and illusory measures in view of the strong growth of the company.

In other words, Amazon will only be able to improve its carbon footprint by adopting measures of sobriety and drastic elimination of its real emissions, which is radically against its activity.

For its part, Amazon highlights a 1.9% reduction in its “carbon intensity”, which is infinitesimal, and above all without real proportion with the emissions produced by its activity, while its turnover has literally exploded. .

As we work to decarbonize our business, Amazon is growing rapidly. We have scaled our business at an unprecedented rate to meet the needs of our customers during the pandemic“, indicates for its part Amazon.

In other words, an additional smokescreen on its activity.

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