The PlayStation 5 is available again on Amazon at 499.99 euros!

A year after its release in 2019, the PlayStation 5 had already sold more than 7 million copies. This gold rush had then led to a fatal shortage of stock. Then the Covid-19 arrived in 2020 and caused a shortage of electronic semiconductors which slowed down the production of the famous PS5. Result: many disappointed … Read more

Soaring logistics costs at Amazon

To cope with soaring prices for fuel, energy and packaging materials, the e-commerce giant Amazon announced that it had to increase the price of its Prime subscription. In France the subscription will go from 5.99 to 6.99 euros per month and from 49 to 69.90 euros per year. The e-merchant justifies its new tariffs by … Read more

lead actress didn’t know she was auditioning to play Galadriel

It must have been a wonderful surprise for Morfydd Clark when she heard the news. As she passed the casting for the event series Rings of Power, the 33-year-old actress didn’t know what role she had auditioned for. The Welsh comedian finally learned that she would play Galadriel, the main character of the Amazon Prime … Read more