PS VR2, Sense controller: release date, price, features… everything we know about the future PS5 VR headset

Sony has formalized a new virtual reality headset, dubbed PlayStation VR2. It will be an accessory designed for the PlayStation 5. While waiting for its launch expected a priori for 2023 at the earliest, we take stock of the information and rumors about it. In February 2021, Sony surprised everyone by delivering the first details … Read more

Prepare for tense games in the stealth game V-Sabotage

As the German army occupies most of Europe, elite units conduct covert operations behind enemy lines. Embody these units in V-Sabotageour board game of the week. Established in July 1940 by Winston Churchill himself, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) aims to support the various resistance movements in occupied countries. In particular by sending airborne elite … Read more