INFO RTL – The CEO of an insurance group imprisoned for exploitation and rape of minors

He is 75 years old and is one of the 500 largest French fortunes. This entrepreneur in the field of insurance has been placed since Saturday May 21 in pre-trial detention, indicted – among other things – for trafficking in minors, rape of minorsand participation in a criminal association with a view to committing kidnapping … Read more

Global Industry Size, Share, Demand, Growth Analysis and Forecast to 2029 –

The Health Insurance Market research report is a safe solution to obtain market insights with which the clients can visualize the market clearly and thus make important decisions for the growth of the business. This market report inspects the market with respect to general market conditions, market improvement, market scenarios, development, cost and profit of … Read more

Auto, health… From when can your insurance be terminated for non-payment?

Forgetfulness, financial difficulties, or quite simply refusal… There are many reasons for not paying your insurance premiums. But the consequences are strictly identical: the payment of penalties for delay or legal interest when the contract specifies it, and especially the termination of the contract. As the insurance mediator relates in a practical case that he … Read more

an expensive first assessment for the insurance

During the weekend and Whit Monday, almost half of the country was affected by hailstorms and floods. The insurance players draw the first conclusions. And the damage is numerous. Several successive stormy episodes hit France between Thursday and Sunday. Storm activity peaked this weekend with 65 departments affected by an orange thunderstorm alert. The insurance … Read more