5,000 interviews offered by pension insurance

This is a new edition of the “Rendezvous for retirement”, enriched with information and online exchanges, that the Retirement Insurance and Agirc-Arrco will jointly organize, from June 27 to July 2. An event which aims to bring together pension advisers from the two schemes and workers of all ages in Île-de-France. Thus, 5,000 interviews will … Read more

Passbooks, shares, life insurance, bitcoin: what investments at 18?

Bitcoin, ethereum but also polkadot, avalanche, cardano: cryptocurrencies make generation Z dream more than Livret A. “Some prospects want to become millionaires in three months with cryptocurrencies. We explain to them that it will not happen”, launches bluntly Stéphane van Huffel, managing director of the Netinvestment investment solutions platform. “But you shouldn’t demonize cryptocurrencies either: … Read more

alternative solutions to cover your risks differently in a changing world

How can innovative solutions such as parametric blankets help businesses address long-term challenges such as energy transformation, supply chain disruptions, data digitization and CSR (Responsibility Societal of Companies)? The world is witnessing a wave of short-term and long-term trends that are destined to drastically shape the future of our society and our planet.Energy transformation, supply … Read more

Unorganized $1 million heist for insurance

The Gucci-wearing Bishop of Brooklyn, targeted in a million-dollar jewelry heist, denied on Friday that the robbery was staged for insurance compensation. Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead was asked about the possibility, which was raised on social media, during an “emergency” press conference, according to the Brooklyn Paper. He denied the storyline while grumbling about how difficult … Read more

Violation of personal medical data from the Health Insurance (Ameli)

Medical Personal Data Breach (Ameli) Health Insurance (Ameli) was the victim of a computer attack which led to a violation of the personal medical data of 510,000 French people. Health Insurance has filed a complaint and the people concerned will be gradually informed.Personal data means information likely to directly or indirectly identify a person (name, … Read more