Cdiscount, Amazon, Rakuten… is the Sony console available?

The PS5 remains a safe bet at the level of video game consoles, but unfortunately, it is not easy to obtain it.

Difficult to find a PS5 in stock at the moment despite sometimes very real efforts and recurring searches. However, this is not the fault of the resellers or the parent brand who do everything possible to receive stock on a regular basis. Things get complicated at the time of manufacture because some electronic components are in short supply and therefore the consoles cannot be finished.

Even if some difficulties arise, it is not impossible to acquire a new PS5 if you really want it. Some brands have already had stock in recent weeks and this could well continue in the coming days. Given the circumstances, it is better not to miss a single day of research and to persevere in the same direction to achieve your goals.

PS5: even after the sales, it’s hard to get it!

The sales have seen some PS5 stocks appear here and there, but as always, back in stock does not mean long-term and permanent restocking. On the contrary, once stocks have arrived on a merchant site, you never really know in advance where the PS5 will reappear next. Although the sales and their promotions have passed, stock discounts may be planned at certain merchants such as Rakuten, Cdiscount or Amazon. These sites, particularly oriented towards high-tech, sometimes offer restocking of PS5s and are very responsive regarding stock updates. By browsing several sites, you will have more chances to find the Sony console of your dreams and to access it before everyone else. Nobody really knows on which site the restocking will arrive, so it is by multiplying the platforms that you will have more opportunities. No risk of missing a delivery with this infallible method.

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