Chambord: driving without a license, without insurance and positive for narcotics, a motorist kills two cyclists

The idyllic setting of their Sunday stroll turned tragic. A driver suspected of having hit and killed two Dutch cyclists on July 10 in Chambord (Loir-et-Cher), on the road facing the castle, has been indicted for aggravated manslaughter, the prosecutor announced on Tuesday. of the Republic of Blois, Frédéric Chevallier.

The aggravating circumstances are “driving after the use of narcotics”, the driver without a license and the lack of insurance of the vehicle, specified the magistrate in a press release. Aged 39, the driver, “known for old facts of use of narcotics and driving despite an invalidated license”, was placed under judicial supervision. The driver’s blood tests revealed the presence of heroin and cannabis.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the vehicle swerved towards the cycle path coming in the opposite direction, hitting the couple of Dutch tourists, aged 61 and 62, killing them instantly under the violence of the shock. The vehicle ended up in a tree. The passenger of the vehicle, transported by helicopter to Tours in absolute urgency, is still plunged into a coma, but his vital prognosis is no longer engaged, according to the prosecutor.

She faces ten years in prison.

A total of 26 firefighters were dispatched to the scene. According to the statements of the driver, who had also been hospitalized initially, she would have lost control of the vehicle following “inattention linked to heated and heated verbal exchanges with her passenger”. “She said she did not remember the exact circumstances of the accident because she was arguing with her passenger,” explains the prosecution. She faces ten years in prison.

“It’s dramatic, and quite incomprehensible because the road is straight, the motorist had the sun on his back”, confirmed, to our colleagues from the New Republic, the mayor of Chambord, André Joly, present on the spot. In this area very popular with cyclists, the maximum authorized speed is set at 70 km/h.

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