Cloud: AWS mocks Microsoft licensing policies

An Amazon Web Services executive denounces “cosmetic changes” made by Microsoft to its software and cloud licensing policies.

Funny? A leader of Amazon Web Services (AWS) slams its major competitor on LinkedIn, the professional social network owned by Microsoft itself.

Matt Garman, SVP of sales and marketing for AWS, denounced in a July 22 post “cosmetic changes” made by Microsoft to its software licensing policies to appease the ecosystem and regulators. According to Matt Garman, “MSFT’s recent licensing rhetoric” is “a disturbing admission of the same anti-competitive tactics that many companies have bemoaned for years, but which went unheeded until they were brought before the Commission.” European. »

The AWS executive refers to concessions made by Microsoft in May 2022 following a complaint filed by European cloud service providers, including OVHcloud and Nextcloud. The latter notably criticized Microsoft for granting more expensive licenses of Office 365, when the suite is not operated on its Azure cloud.

Microsoft responds “best of suite”

For Matt Garman: “MSFT’s answer is not to do what is right for customers and fix its policy so that all customers can run MSFT software on [l’infrastructure du] cloud provider of their choice. But rather, under the pretext of meeting European technological needs, MSFT proposes to select cloud providers with which it is less concerned in terms of competition and to allow MSFT software to run only on [le cloud] of these suppliers. »

“It’s not acting fairly in licensing and that’s not what customers want. We continue to hear from customers around the world saying that MSFT’s discriminatory licensing practices are costing them millions of dollars and the freedom to work with whoever they want,” insisted the senior vice president of AWS.

For their part, several Microsoft leaders supported the multinational’s “best of suite” approach during its Inspire 2022 partner conference, noted CRN. Admittedly, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not directly mention AWS on this occasion. However, it seemed to justify the joint use of Microsoft products for cost savings.

“Across all of our offerings, we provide the best value for money at every stage of cloud migration,” he said. “To name just two examples, it’s up to 80% less expensive to run Windows Server VMs (virtual machines) on Azure and SQL Server VMs on Azure than [dans le cloud] of our main competitor. »

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