CommScope collaborates with Microsoft – Global Security Mag Online

CommScope announces its collaboration with Microsoft to create a converged private wireless networking solution, enabling new mobile and low-latency applications to transform industrial manufacturing.

CommScope has successfully deployed the combined solution – using Microsoft Azure’s private MEC and CommScope CBRS Access Points – in its own Manufacturing Innovation Center in Shakopee, Minnesota. With this private, low-latency, cloud-connected wireless network, CommScope is already improving the operational efficiency and manufacturing agility of its facilities.

This solution provides factory engineers with augmented reality applications and cloud-based manufacturing tools. This includes immersive technology training, aggregated assembly line data, and real-time remote support to improve production ramp-up times and worker capabilities. CommScope also leverages its low-latency wireless network to mobilize test equipment to the production line. For example, specialized microscopes are now being mobilized so that fiber optic quality testing can be done anywhere and in real time, instead of removing the product from the line.

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