Daniel Alipantis, French insurance agent in Greece

Insurance agent, French by blood, Greek by heart and a fan of Jazz music. You think people who work in insurance are boring? It’s because you haven’t met Daniel Alipantis, Insurance Agent at Groupama Greece!

Daniel is a man let’s say, imposing by his size (a little more than 2 meters), who likes music, going out with friends and travelling. ” I was born in Turkey from a Greek father and a French mother, expelled in 1964 I came with all my family to Athens”. Our insurer studied at the French high school and at the American college, in the United States then to finish his cycle, in England. ”I love travel. I hope to have the chance, after all this COVID thing, to be able to go back to Cuba. An extraordinary country. Traveling gives me a greater openness of mind. Each trip, even within Greece, opened up new perspectives and gave me great experiences. »

Develop your expertise while speaking French.

I arrived in the insurance sector in 1991, after studying economics. I worked for the Dutch company ING where I stayed for 19 years. Then I moved to Groupama Greece. Insurance agent is like a general practitioner in the same way as a family doctor, who surrounds himself with specialists when needed. The insurer has an advisory role, works almost autonomously and completely independently; its objective is to give the best solution to the customer. My added value in Greece is that I speak French and I can therefore correctly explain insurance products to French speakers who are or are coming to settle in the country. For the French, the name Groupama also plays into the balance; since they already know the name”.

Go to meet the other

One of his favorite aspects of traveling is the opportunity to learn more about people’s culture by meeting them. No wonder he likes the human side of his job as an insurance agent so much. ”Contact with people is of particular interest to me. ”, he said. ”My goal as an insurer is to help people understand their insurance contracts. I want my clients to be able to rest easy knowing that they are well insured, no matter what.” It is essential for Daniel to see that his clients are satisfied with his work: “ If a client leaves my office with a smile on his face and tells me he’s happy, that’s part of my pay that I just got! On the other hand, when a customer does not take the product that I offer him, I do not tell myself that it is the fault of the customer but mine. You have to know how to question yourself constantly.”

What does a typical day consist of?

A day, for me, starts around 8:30 a.m. and can end around 8 p.m. in the evening. As a general rule, I deal with administrative matters, claims management, contacts with companies. Then starts the meetings with the customers; we visit customers, we do new business. It’s a pleasant moment because it offers a diversification of subjects: we take out car insurance, fire insurance, we meet a business manager… in short, there is a way to organize the day. The first goal is always to make new business, the second point is to do everything to keep its customers and offer them the best after-sales service. In the evening, outings for public relations seven days a week, almost 365 days a year. Luckily, I have 25 vacation days a year to recuperate. It seems tiring but it’s more a question of rhythm. Me I feel good in there ”.

Has the world of insurance changed since the outbreak of COVID-19? If yes, why and how?

In Greece it usually takes a long time to see drastic changes. There is a rise in the popularity of health insurance and property insurance because of the fear caused by the pandemic. The unknown, the impossibility of circulating during confinement, the negative media push people to find ways to safeguard their property. The health crisis and the tragic conditions of the public health system create searches in our professional direction. In two sentences: We are seeing an increase in the number of quotes and more in-depth research into benefits. Insurance companies are also adapting to market needs by offering cheaper COVID tests, for example.”.

It was announced that the vaccine would be free for all Greeks. What about non-Greeks residing in Greece? Will private insurance pay for the vaccine?

I believe that the reactions of insurance companies are relative to market demands. For the moment the whole COVID question is managed by the government of the country and the test is the only factor allowed to private companies. Therefore, no possibility of forecasting if the distribution context is not yet known. As far as foreign citizens who are in the country are concerned, they will have all the privileges of citizens of the country and Groupama contracts. To have a health policy from Groupama, or from another company, you must have two parameters: the tax number in Greece and the social security number – even if the person does not pay taxes or contributions here. They will therefore have all the privileges of local citizens. Groupama has acted on this plan by setting special conditions for its customers. They take care of all positive cases by covering them both for the tests and for their hospitalization, if necessary. For customers who only wish to take a test for personal reasons (without symptoms or imminent trip, etc.) They have agreements with specialized centers so that customers benefit from preferential prices”.

What are the most important things that people moving to Greece should know?

Daniel Alipantis

Although Greece is a member of the European Union, it remains a very Mediterranean country and it takes time to adapt. In Greece you can find anything you are looking for, just be patient and ask questions. It should be known that the administrations are slow and painful. You should know that humor, kindness and politeness open doors. You should know that the public sector reigns and that, especially for your health, it is important to have good health coverage and above all you need to have a good quote.”.

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