Dattak, a new insurtech on the cyber insurance market for VSEs and SMEs

A new insurtech is entering the cyber insurance market. Dattak, founded in December 2021 by Benoît Grouchko (founder of the data marketing platform Teemo) and Charlotte Couallier, (ex-Leocare and Axa France), announces this Tuesday, June 21 a fundraising of 7 million euros in seed. The start-up targets VSEs and SMEs, to which it offers, through brokers, an insurance product coupled with software that identifies security breaches. The risk is borne by the insurer Wakam, which specializes in white label insurance solutions.

simplified subscription process

This round table is led by Xange, followed by business angels, including Matthieu Bébéar (the nephew of the founder of Axa). It will enable Dattak, which employs around fifteen people, to recruit more than 10 people this year (salespeople, engineers and underwriters) and to continue to develop its product.

The subscription process is entirely digital, and according to the start-up does not involve any technical questions, Dattak’s technology being used alone to assess the cyber risk. Its solution also sends alerts in the event of a detected vulnerability. Coverage includes crisis management, system recovery, resolution of cybersecurity issues and compensation for damages, including business interruption and liability.

micro-businesses very poorly covered

The stakes for VSEs and SMEs are considerable. According to the latest Amrae study, in 2021, less than 1% were covered by a cyber insurance policy, a figure down from 2020 (which can be explained by the increase in premiums). However, still in 2021, 19% of French SMEs were confronted with a cyberattack according to the European Commission.

Dattak is the second French insurtech to embark on this niche of cyber insurance associated with a security solution for VSEs-SMEs, after Stoïk, which has also been offering its solutions to brokers since April, after having launched in direct sales.

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