Discover the obligations of the tenant with a home insurance

Home insurance is often an obligation for tenants. Even owners are no exception. There are of course some exceptions. However, this is not the case for tenants. What are their obligations with home insurance?

Home insurance: is it an obligation?

Under the law of July 6, 1989 (article 7 number 82-462), home insurance is compulsory for tenants. It provides protection against rental risks (natural disaster, fire, water damage, attacks). The law provides in particular for the Guarantee of Rental Risks (GRL).

Clearly, home insurance is optional for a homeowner and a non-occupant owner (PNO). This does not concern the co-owner, unfurnished rental, furnished rental and shared accommodation. Statutes subject to the subscription of a home insurance.

As soon as the keys are handed over, the home insurance certificate can be requested by your lessor. The subscription of an insurance rental risks is required if your furnished house is your principal residence. It must be a dwelling occupied at least 8 months per year.

Focus on the obligations of the tenant!

As a signatory of home insurance, the tenant has obligations to honour. Warranty “ rental risks », for example, covers damage caused to the accommodation during the rental period. It can be:

  • Fire
  • Blast
  • Water damage
  • Etc.

The realization of the risk will intervene to support the compensation of the owner. Note, however, that the guarantee rental risks is limited. It does not cover any damage caused to your neighbors and third parties. Ditto for damage to your own property. You must therefore take out additional guarantees in addition to your multi-risk home insurance.

To benefit from better coverage, it is better to take out the ” recourse by neighbors and third parties “. Your liability will thus be covered in the event of damage caused to your neighbors or third parties (water damage, explosion, etc.).

Also give priority to the guarantee of your goods. Your personal effects and your furniture will thus be covered against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, etc. Ditto for the arrangements and embellishments made to your accommodation.

When subscribing, always read the general conditions of your multi-risk home tenant insurance. It should normally provide a guarantee public liability “. It covers any damage caused to others in the context of your private life.

In the event of a claim in the accommodation, notify your insurer immediately (within 5 working days). Clearly specify your contract number, the date, the nature of the loss, the damage caused and the copy of your complaint in your declaration of loss, sent to your insurer.

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