Drugged, without a license and without insurance, a motorist kills two cyclists

A woman was indicted on charges of “involuntary homicides and injuries aggravated by the circumstances of driving after the use of narcotics” and “driving without a driver’s license”, “aggravated involuntary injuries with total incapacity for work (ITT ) greater than three months”, of “lack of insurance and related fines”, this Tuesday, announced the public prosecutor of Blois, Frédéric Chevallier, in a press release.

Aged 39, this woman is being prosecuted for having fatally hit two cyclists, a Dutch sixty-year-old couple, near the Château de Chambord, while she was driving a car. His passenger was also seriously injured.

This terrible accident occurred on Sunday July 10, in the afternoon, on the François-1er road. The 30-something is “known for long-standing acts of use of narcotics and driving despite an invalidated license”, said the magistrate. At the time of the tragedy, she was under the influence of cannabis and heroin. This is what the toxicological analyzes revealed.

The driver was taken to hospital after the accident. She suffered from fractures in particular. She was taken into custody on Monday and was questioned by the gendarmes. “She said she did not remember the exact circumstances of the accident because she was arguing with her passenger”, specifies the public prosecutor. His car – an Audi A3 – reportedly veered to the left. A situation that would have happened during “stormy and intense verbal exchanges with his passenger”.

The latter was airlifted to the University Hospital of Tours in serious condition. He was still in a coma on Tuesday but his vital prognosis is no longer engaged indicates The New Republic.

No license, no insurance, no technical control

There are no witnesses to this fatal accident. The observations made by the gendarmes of the Bracieux brigade
“allowed to understand that the point of impact between the vehicle and the bicycles was located on the lane of circulation of the latter so that it is the motor vehicle which came, while crossing them, to strike, on their lane of circulation, the two cyclists who traveled there regularly. The vehicle ended its race against a tree located on the left of its direction of traffic, thus demonstrating a traversing trajectory, from the right to the left of the road”.

The car had been recently purchased and the driver had lost the front bumper a few days earlier when she drove over a speed bump too quickly. In addition, the vehicle was not insured, its technical control was not up to date and the change of gray card with the former owner had not been made. The 30-something was also driving without a driver’s license.

Following her indictment, the driver was released under judicial supervision, against the advice of the prosecution who had requested her placement in pre-trial detention. “The penalty is ten years in prison”, emphasizes Frédéric Chevallier. A judicial inquiry has been opened.

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