DuckDuckGo will strengthen its protection against Microsoft trackers

Faced with user protests, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser announces that protection against Microsoft trackers will be revised upwards, starting next week.

Thus, DuckDuckGo will extend the list of third-party tracking scripts, which will be blocked while browsing, to include those from Microsoft. This change will be effective next week, for mobile applications (iOS and Android) and browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera). In addition, beta applications will be offered over the next month.

As a reminder, last May, a security researcher had indicated on Twitter that if the latest mobile version of DuckDuckGo blocked Google and Facebook trackers well, it was not the same for those of Microsoft. The CEO of DuckDuckGO, Gabriel Weinberg, then had to explain himself. He specified that it was a research partnership with the Redmond firm and the results are completely anonymous. He indicated that he had worked with Microsoft to protect user privacy.

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