Due to additional repairs, SpaceX’s Dragon ship won’t launch until July 14

It was expected that the launch of the next spacecraft spacex dragon around the International Space Station takes place on July 11, the mission will finally take off not before July 14.

Initially, the supply mission CRS-25 was scheduled to take off on June 10, 2022. However, engineers detected abnormally high levels of hydrazine vapor in part of the capsule during the filling of the tanks. NASA and SpaceX have thus decided to postpone the launch, first to June 28, then to July 11, now takeoff will wait until July 14.

NASA Credits

In the previous two postponements, NASA had indicated that the additional time would be used to isolate the problem and repair the faulty components.

Additional repairs

On June 28, NASA posted on its website that the postponement for July 14 would serve to strengthen inspections at the level of the Dragon capsule. Engineers will also have time to repair and replace components that may have been degraded by exposure to hydrazine vapor.

In addition to solving the problem of hydrazine, which is the fuel used by Draco thrusters, we know that SpaceX has also decided to replace the aircraft’s main parachutes. The purpose of this replacement is to allow in-depth inspection of the old parachutes.

Avoid the Sun

NASA’s choice of this new launch date for the CRS-25 mission is no coincidence. This date will allow the Dragon capsule to arrive at the ISS as soon as possible after a period during which the ISS will be completely illuminated by the Sun. This period, which will begin soon, will cause energy production problems and thermal concerns.

Let’s wait to see if all the technical problems of the Dragon capsule will be resolved by July 14. Note that this will be the 25th ISS resupply mission performed by SpaceX. It will also be the 3th journey of this particular capsule to the orbiting laboratory after its first two missions in December 2020 and August 2021.

SOURCE: Space.com


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