[Eco de la semaine] Indonesia facing the Internet, Rockstar corporate culture and fiscal results of Capcom, Microsoft & Sony

The Indonesian government suspends millions of sites, including the eShop but also PayPal and Yahoo

On July 27, the government implemented a new law concerning the compulsory registration of private computer network operators, i.e. the obligation for any website to be approved by the Indonesian government to be accessible. in the country. Ministerial Regulation 10 (MR10), the instigator of this law, was published in May 2021 and the owners of a website had to obtain approval from the government in order to be able to continue their activities, as was the case for Google , Amazon or the Meta group for example.

Several million sites have thus become inaccessible in the country, whether in the world of gaming (Steam services, Epic Games Stores, Nintendo Online, EA, Ubisoft, etc.) but also useful sites in the life of all days like PayPal and Yahoo which did not meet the Indonesian requirements.

4th largest population in the world, Indonesia is a very important market for tech giants, especially Meta, where the country has the 3rd largest user population on Facebook.

For the government, it is above all a question of legislating on everything that could harm it on the Internet, but also of silencing the opposition and controlling more the population, which today adorns itself with VPNs to circumvent the problem.

Rockstar Games has radically changed its corporate culture, imposing a healthier foundation

In recent years, a fundamental phenomenon has tended to make the news, that of corporate culture. Between the many cases of generalized crunch in the field and of sexual discrimination like at Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard as well as Sony, currently under investigation, there are many examples to show that the corporate culture of most big players in the field is not healthy.

To avoid suffering a situation similar to that of Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard, the management of Rockstar Games has chosen to carry out a major cleaning and improve its corporate culture.

It is the studio’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, which explains to us that Rockstar has reduced the gender pay gap but also removed transphobic jokes in its games, but not only. This also goes in the direction of insistent rumors around GTA VI, which would have a female protagonist and Latin culture.

Unfortunately, to be able to obtain this information, we have to go through rumors or declarations from the parent company of the group, biases that are not very reliable in short, but which we will have to be content with for the moment.

Fiscal results: Capcom prepares for a new record, Microsoft driven by gaming and Sony facing a drop in profits

After 9 years of consecutive growth, Capcom is not continuing with a record start to the year, despite a small gap with the start of the previous year. Indeed, Capcom sold only 2 million games less than last year over the same period, while we witnessed the releases of Monster Hunter: Rise and Resident Evil Village during this period. Note also the very good sales of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, sold more than 2 million copies in just one week.

Faced with these good performances, Capcom’s management is optimistic and forecasts another record year, with an expected turnover of 867 million euros and a net profit of 249 million euros. For this first quarter, the turnover achieved is 181 million euros and the net profit 64 million euros, against 347 million turnover and 171 million net profit last year over the same period.

On the side of Microsoft, we are witnessing mixed results which can be explained by the context of economic crisis and shortage that we are experiencing. Admittedly, the Redmond company will once again note an increase in its turnover of around 50.7 billion euros and its net profit, amounting to 16.31 billion euros.

However, when we look at the details of these figures, it is the Microsoft Surface product line that is driving the company with sales growth of more than 10%, while the market revenues from the market PC and gaming are in decline, with a 7% drop in sales of Xbox products.

Finally on the Sony side, the Japanese publisher is also experiencing a drop in sales: 47.1 million PlayStation games (including 6.4 from PlayStation Studios) were sold against 63.6 million last year. On the console side, the PS5 was sold at 21.7 million units against 23.5 for the PS4 during the same period. We will also note a drop in physical sales (which now represent only 21% of game sales).

In turnover, we therefore obtain 4.4 billion euros in turnover, for a net profit of 388 million euros, i.e. a drop of -2% for turnover and -36 .7% for net profit. Despite this, Sony is not revising its predictions downwards and expects to achieve an annual turnover of 26.6 billion euros, a new record for the Japanese firm.

Briefly this week:

– In France, Aloy hunted on the grounds of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football to take his top spot on the bestseller chart. Nintendo’s game thus finds itself 2nd behind Horizon: Forbidden West, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is in their aspiration with Live A Live just released and Gran Turismo 7 which is back in the race.

– In Japan, Live A Live won with 71,137 sales the week of its release, ahead of Nintendo Sports (24,869 sales), Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth (PS4) achieved 23,425 for its also released, while the Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak Set pack (22,871 sales) is interspersed with the Switch version of Nobunaga’s Ambition game (21,753 sales). On the hardware side, the Switch imposes itself with 30,182 sales, followed by the OLED model which loses its head after weeks of domination (28,715 sales) and the Switch Lite (10,477 sales) which returns for its part on the podium.

– Finally in Switzerland, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dominates the race, ahead of FIFA 22, Mario Strikers: Battle League, Nintendo Switch Sports and finally F1 22 which completes the top 5.


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