El famous LEGO set part of the Top Amazon is still on sale

News good plan El famous LEGO set part of the Top Amazon is still on sale

Plants are cool. But taking care of it is always a little less cool, especially when it’s hot. But don’t worry, we may have the solution for you with the famous Japanese-inspired LEGO set.

Japan in your living room

HE IS BACK ! *drum roll* THE LEGO BONSAI! I want to see everyone hands up in the comments! *Electronic music*

More seriously, if we frequently talk to you about LEGO’s somewhat “geeky” collaborations with licenses like Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter, we just as often talk to you about the Botanical Collection and its famous bonsai – that the crowds tear themselves away.

In the botanical collection of small bricks, there is plenty to do! Plants do you want some here! We could have told you about the very beautiful LEGO orchid, but unfortunately, the latter is only very rarely on sale. Unlike bonsai which is almost always like today, forget the 49€ and make way for the 34€.

Buy the LEGO Bonsai set at 34€ at Amazon

A small cherry tree to escape for a moment

From the top of these 878 pieces, the LEGO Bonsai set is perfect for keeping busy on an August afternoon. With quite honorable measurements (18 cm high and 20 cm wide), the small shrub easily arises in any corner of your home.

This little piece of tree will therefore put greenery in the room of your choice without you having to worry about its survival like a real beautiful plant or a real bonsai. Don’t forget to give it a little wipe from time to time to remove the dust that could get lodged on its pretty branches.

Branches which are moreover accompanied by two sets of sheets : a green and a pink (which are reminiscent of sakura flowers). It is also a set that leaves room for your imagination, because this Bonsai can more or less take the shape you want.

As you understood, The LEGO botanical range brings together many models of artificial plants from all over the world, without having the disadvantages of real plants. Special mention as we explained to you for the orchid in the collection.

Even though it’s almost every day, the LEGO Bonsai set is still on sale at Amazon, it is currently at 34€ instead of 49€.

Buy the LEGO Bonsai set at 34€ at Amazon

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