employee or self-employed, how to be well insured?

Compulsory or strongly recommended depending on whether you are an employee or self-employed, mutual health insurance is a key insurance for everyday life. But choosing the one that offers the best guarantees and meets your needs is not easy. Fortunately, online health insurance comparators can help you make this choice.

Mutual health insurance covers all or part (depending on the formula chosen) of your healthcare costs that are not covered by the compulsory scheme: consultation with a doctor, hospitalization expenses, optical and dental… Valuable financial aid when you know that Social Security only reimburses up to 70% of the conventional rate, and does not cover the excess fees of specialists.

Certain guarantees specific to mutual insurance companies also offer advantageous assistance services in the event of hospitalization (housekeeper, childcare, etc.), generalized third-party payment or the reimbursement of alternative medicine care (osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.), prevention (smoking cessation, contraception, etc.) and sessions with the psychologist, among others.

You are an employee

Membership of a mutual fund is compulsory for employees in the private sector, who must join the collective mutual fund of their company. It will then be paid for at least 50% by the employer.

However, an employee can refuse it under certain conditions. For example, if he already has individual coverage, is on a CDD, etc. It should be noted that public service employees are not obliged to take out health insurance, even if it is recommended.

You are independent

Mutual health insurance is not mandatory… but also highly recommended. Many organizations offer contracts adapted to the status of the self-employed worker: tradesman, micro or auto entrepreneur, liberal…

Similarly, the level of guarantees may vary for certain health items depending on the risks linked in particular to the activity of the insured. It may also be wise to take out a provident insurance contract at the same time, which allows you, under certain conditions, to obtain additional daily allowances in the event of sick leave.

The mutual health insurance that suits your needs

Whether you are an employee or self-employed, subscribing to mutual health insurance is, in short, the assurance of being better reimbursed for health expenses and being able to deal with unforeseen events more calmly.

Using an online health insurance comparator is an excellent way to get an idea of ​​the existing offers on the market. And therefore to find the best formula for you, especially in terms of guarantees and price.

Insurance brokerage specialists such as Assurland offer these comparators free of charge, which have the advantage of being easy to use and very comprehensive. In a few clicks, you can compare the offers in order to find the mutual health insurance that best suits your needs, according to your age, your state of health, your budget…

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