epic behind-the-scenes video of Amazon series

Despite some fears from Peter Jackson fans, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power seems like a big epic surprise.

There are scary things in life, like skydiving and adapting The Lord of the Rings serial. With Star Wars and Marvel, the franchise of Lord of the Rings is guarded and protected by a huge community of fans who bring JRR Tolkien’s work to life and who, for the most part, defend body and soul the trilogy produced by the great Peter Jackson.

If several platforms were in on it, Jeff Bezos, apparently a big fan of Tolkien, finally acquired the rights to the saga for the modest sum of 250 million dollars in 2017. If the very idea of ​​​​a new adaptation frightened the fans, it must be recognized that the first images of the series, like those of House of the Dragon, were far from convincing. But Amazon has gone into overdrive for the rest of the promoincluding unveiling a stunning trailer.

We know where Amazon’s money is going.

A month before the broadcast of the first episode, the promotion is still intensifying. Following the reveal of a new trailer during San Diego Comic-Con, Amazon unveiled a behind-the-scenes video for the series, in which several speakers, including Patrick McKay and JD Payne (the showrunners of the series), focus in particular on the importance of the Second Age and the major role of the Elf Galadriel.

“Any quest worth its salt needs a community”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: photo, Morfydd Clark

The rise of the Elf


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