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To be able to drive legally, you must take out car insurance. Here’s everything you need to know about insurance.

You have just bought a car or you wish to do so, know that it is compulsory to subscribe to a Car Insurance to be able to drive legally on public roads.

Indeed, not insuring your car is a crime, which is strongly punished by the Highway Code, and can expose you to prosecution and serious consequences in the event of an accident. Here’s everything you need to know about car insurance.

Car insurance: what is civil liability?

The public liability is the only one mandatory guarantee in France for car insurance. This is a warranty that covers bodily injury and material damage that your car may cause to others.

Are indeed covered the passengers of your car, the owners of the damaged goods, like another vehicle for example, or the other users involved: pedestrians, drivers, cyclists…

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Car insurance: how much does it cost?

To determine the monthly or annual price of your car insuranceyour insurance company will take into account many parameters: the profile of the driver, his experience, the type of guarantees selected, the type of vehicle and his age, or even other parameters such as the place of parking, his personal use or professional, or the distance traveled with the vehicle.

On average, you will need around €450 per year for third-party insurance, €600 per year for an intermediate formula, or even €800 per year for all-risk insurance. The cost of car insurance varies according to your profile, so it is recommended to ask for quotes to obtain a rate adapted to your situation.

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Car insurance: how to pay less?

For pay less for car insurancethere are a few tips: you can for example compare prices on the internet in order to compete, take advantage of promotions offered by insurers, or group your insurance with the same insurer.

You can also take out insurance online, and in the event of small claims, do not declare them so as not to suffer an increase in your penalty. Finally, if you only use your car occasionally, you can opt for insurance per kilometer, which is less expensive because it takes into account your annual mileage.

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Car insurance: and for young drivers?

The young drivers are a particular profile, considered to be more at risk for insurers. They are often young people under the age of 25, who have had their license for less than three years. For young drivers, car insurance companies often apply a “surcharge”, which consists of increasing the amount of car insurance by 100%, 50% or 25% (depending on the case)!

Drivers who have never taken out a car insurance contract are also considered to be “young drivers”: be careful if you have a company car, because it is not taken into account in your driving history. driver.

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Car insurance: how does the bonus / malus work?

In force since 1976, the bonus-malus system is also called “reduction-increase coefficient” (CRM): the objective is to encourage drivers to adopt more careful and responsible behavior, and to penalize bad drivers in the event of a responsible accident.

Every year, on the anniversary date of your car insurance contract, your bonus or malus is revalued: if you have had no responsible accident, you benefit from a 5% bonus. If you have had a responsible accident, you are penalized by a penalty of 25%! The CRM then has an impact on the cost of your car insurance: it is in your interest not to accumulate responsible accidents during your life as a motorist.

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