Ex-Xbox boss admits encouraging console war against Sony

The console war between Sony and Microsoft does exist, and it is a former Microsoft pundit who says so. According to him, it would have been stoked by Xbox in order to stimulate a market then in full difficulty.

The “war” of consoles is an integral part of video game folklore. We had Nintendo versus Sega in the early 1990s and since the mid-2000s it’s been the competition between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation that’s been raging. A rivalry stoked by Microsoft “in person”according to the admission of the former boss of the Xbox division, Peter Moore.

Peter Moore was the kingpin of the Xbox brand from 2003 to 2007, a pivotal moment in the history of the console and a difficult time for both Microsoft and Sony. While the PS3 struggled to establish itself because it was too expensive, the then ultra-popular Xbox 360 encountered the famous problem of the Red Ring of Death, which greatly penalized her.

Microsoft purposely stoked the console war

In the Front Office Sports podcast, Peter Moore claims that this notion of “war” between Xbox 360 and PS3 is his doing. It was indeed one of the ways to stimulate a market that was very difficult for the two manufacturers at the time:

“We encouraged the console war. Not to create division, but to stimulate each other. When I say each other, I mean Microsoft and Sony. If Microsoft hadn’t continued this momentum after the Red Ring of Death story, the gaming world would be dimmer and we wouldn’t have the competition we have today. »

At the time, Microsoft and Sony were indeed engaged merciless rivalry. A communication war that lasted several years. We also remember Moore’s escapades to praise the merits of his console, the CEO even going so far as to tattoo the name of the games for announcement effects. If the Xbox 360 was then at the top of sales in 2005-2009, the story of the Red Ring of Death almost stopped everything. The consoles became indeed unusable and Microsoft then took the decision to change all the defective products, whatever the cost.

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This “war” has greatly calmed down today, the two manufacturers having become complementary on the market. The goal of this rivalry has always been the same for the companies concerned: to convince players to opt for their machine rather than that of the competition. A financial aspect that some players sometimes find difficult to grasp because they take this “war” too much to heart.

Remember that after leaving Microsoft, Peter Moore became president of EA Sport, then of Liverpool FC before landing at Unity, where he is still today.

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