Expatriate insurance: which one to choose?

Which expatriate health insurance to choose?

Preparing for expatriation involves taking out appropriate insurance. In fact, in the event of an accident or illness occurring in your adopted country, you will no longer be entitled to reimbursement of expenses related to your treatment or your hospitalization. This is why, before going abroad, it is essential to find a good expatriate insurance. Who are you turning towards ? How do you know which type of insurance is best for you? What are the guarantees to take into account? In this text, we answer all your questions.

To which organization do you turn?

The CFE or the Caisse des Français de l’Étranger. This is a social security agency which has existed since 1978. It covers your health expenses regardless of the country where you wish to move.

Who is the CFE for?

This institution is open to employees, non-employees, retirees, students or people looking for work. It supports subscribers both in their country of origin and abroad.

What the CFE covers

The CFE covers three main guarantees:

  • expatriation trips;
  • Pension Insurance for the basic pension;
  • health, maternity or disability insurance: this includes an option for stays in France of 3 to 6 consecutive months and an option for daily allowance and death benefit.

Take into account the limit of the CFE

You should know that the CFE does not take into account the cost of care abroad, but is rather based on the conventional tariff. Thus, if you plan to move to a country where the amount of medical expenses is higher, you must also take out a complementary insurance to lighten your load. In addition, this organization does not cover certain warranties such as:

  • repatriation or payment of capital in the event of death;
  • litigation costs;
  • etc

How to find additional insurance for expatriates?

It is easy to find additional insurance for expatriates. All you need to do is search on the internet. Many insurance platforms offer this type of coverage.

Nevertheless, before subscribe to an insurance, it is recommended that you contact several companies and request quotes online. This allows you to compare the price and determine the best coverage.

Choosing the type of insurance that suits you

In order to determine the right supplemental insurance for your situation, you need to consider several key factors and variables. These are your health needs, your budget and the particular benefits offered.

Health needs

For each family and individual, the health needs are not necessarily the same. You must therefore carefully choose the guarantees offered. Depending on your situation, it is necessary, for example, to provide coverage for dental care, eye care, etc.

Your budget

By taking into account your health needs and using a online insurance comparator, it is possible to find an offer adapted to your budget quickly. This tool helps you choose a formula at an advantageous rate.

Evaluate the specific guarantees included in a contract

Before taking out a pension contract, don’t forget to check the special guarantees. These may or may not be useful to you. For example, if you are not yet a parent, you will not need childcare.

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