Explanation of the end of the Amazon Prime Video movie!

Discover the explanation of the end of Murderous Memory on Amazon Prime Video! Spoilers!

Memory is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation of the end, read on! The principle of Memorythe latest action-thriller from “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell, is riveting as Liam Neeson plays Alex Lewis, an aging assassin with Alzheimer’s disease.

As Alex seeks revenge for child trafficking in El Paso, he becomes increasingly unpredictable for the FBI team hunting him down, led by contemplative agent Vincent Serra. Despite its unique principle, Memory is an absurd film. It is a remake of the 2005 Belgian film “The Memory of a Killer”, which was a critical success. If you have any questions regarding the end of Memorywe tell you everything!

Explanation of the end of Memory

To the end of Memory, as Linda and Vincent spend the evening together in public, a masked man enters Davana’s house and slits her throat with a knife, killing her instantly. Later that night, news of this latest murder is broadcast on TV in the pub, and Vincent cleverly guesses that by taking him out in public, Linda has in fact provided him with an alibi, since he would have been immediately targeted. by murder.

Linda’s act is now believed to be clearly intentional, as the masked man is revealed to be Hugo Marquez, who carefully erases all traces of himself, while the police announce that there are no possible suspects in the immediate. Find out all about Amazon Prime Video releases here.

Hugo had previously expressed with great anguish how corruption and greed deprived women and children of justice in his native Mexico. Now, in the United States, he learns that the situation is exactly the same, and must finally take the law into his own hands.

Vincent, too, was a victim of the terrible justice system, as he once told Alex: his wife and son were killed by a drunk driver, who then paid off or scared the only witness to the crime, a young fifteen year old girl. The girl then intentionally misidentified the wrong men on three different occasions, and the real perpetrator was released because no solid evidence could be found against him.

These two men couldn’t bear to see Davana Sealman get away with supporting and aiding terrible crimes against underage girls, and so they decided to act on their own to inflict some sort of punishment on this woman. cruel. Although Vincent is not part of the murder plan, he would support him anytime and give anything to protect Hugo from any legal danger.

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